Riva Marmi srl has been able to add the elegance and originality of innovative formats to the tradition of marble and travertine, creating a new generation of high tech marbles: tiles in 60x60x1.0 cm and 61x61x1.0 cm formats, calibrated and bevelled, made in the different surfaces and large slabs from 70×70 cm to 100×100 cm with a thickness of 1.1 cm.

These large formats make the larger rooms, giving them an incredible class. prestigious environments with large format tiles and tiles!

Our floors are all CE certified.


Riva marmi was born as a manufacturer of modular marble in standard formats, now available with all types of desirable surfaces.

Our floors are all CE certified


Stairs, window sills, filing cabinet coverings, bathroom tops… The elegance of worked marbles is timeless: aesthetics and quality, enhanced by original workmanship, in line with modern demands for practicality and beauty.

Thanks to the use of sophisticated numerical control and laser machines, Riva Marmi offers finished products of all kinds, which can always be combined with the requested floors and coverings.


For Rivamarmi, the relationship with the designers is essential. Because the project is essential to arrive at an impeccable realization

We create tailor-made projects.

Visit our projects page to see all our creations.

LA CASA TRA GLI ALBERI - Progetto Riva Marmi


Riva Marmi offers customers a wide range of marble, travertine and Belgian blue slabs.

The slabs can be seen in our warehouse in Via del Marmo n° 320 in Volargne (Municipality of Dolcè) together with a consultancy service gained over 30 years of experience…

All our marbles available

Palissandro bluette scuro

The Palissandro Bluette marble is a high-quality Italian marble of Dolomite origin which, in the world stone market, has its definite position among the exclusive marbles. It is blue with gray shades and has various crystallines.

Crema Luna

Crema Luna is a Spanish calcareous marble with a bright, uniform and homogeneous light beige colour.

Botticino Fiorito

Botticino is the commercial name of a quality of compact (pure) micritic limestone of a beige colour, extracted in the quarries of Botticino, Nuvolento, Nuvolera, Rezzato, Serle and in the past also Mazzano, in the province of Brescia.

Travertino Classico

Travertino Romano Classico is the Italian travertine par excellence, with a beige background with light streaks. Works such as the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica bear witness to its ability to withstand time.

Rosa Portogallo

The marble quarries of Rosa Portugal are located in the productive basin of the high Aletejo in Portugal, where from the layer of limestone crystals are obtained marbles of Estremoz, White and Rosa Portugal.
Rose Portugal is a marble with a delicate design with shades that can vary from soft pink to intense pink.
Synonyms: Rosa extremez, rosa aurora.
There are several varieties of Rosa Portugal: one more salmon, bright pink, one with a lighter base with a cream color and one with a more marked presence of veins.

Travertino Giallo Sunflower

The Yellow Travertine is an intense yellow travertine, full of light brown and white veins.

Jura giallo

Marble Jura Yellow.

Rosso alicante

Rosso Alicante is a brick-red Spanish marble with light white and light gray veins.
Synonyms: rojo alicante,  alicante, alicante red.

Giallo Reale

The Giallo Reale marble is an Italian marble from the Veneto region. Its color is uniform yellow spotted with pink intrusions.

Blu Belgio

Thanks to its excellent technical qualities, Belgian Blue is one of the best natural building materials, quarried in Europe and usable in countries with any climate.
Synonym: Petit Granit, Belgisch hardsteen


Basaltina is a compact and uniform lava stone, of a dark gray colour, excavated in Bagnoregio (Viterbo), near Lake Bolsena.
With a compact and uniform structure, Basaltina has physical-mechanical characteristics of non-freezing and Resistant to both wear and frost, traditionally used in street furniture for its excellent resistance qualities, Basaltina also enjoys considerable success in the building industry, above all for its gray color which easily combines with other materials.

Bianco Thassos

Bianco Thassos is an absolute white Greek marble with an extremely fine grain. In A1 quality it has no intrusions or veins.

Bianco Lasa vena oro

Bianco Lasa is a very robust and weather-resistant marble. It is extracted from Monte Tramontana (“Nördersberg”) in the Lasa valley. Bianco Lasa vein gold is a marble with a white base and fine yellow-gold veins.


Sophisticated, fresh and inviting are just a few of the adjectives to describe Greek Nestos marble. From the white background it is crossed by thin bands of beige and cream in light tones

Trani Fiorito

Trani Fiorito is an Italian marble, with a uniform and discreet beige colour. It is advisable to be careful in the case of environments with a harsh climate.

Onice cappuccino

The Onice Cappuccino is an Iranian onyx. With a golden yellow color, it is quite uniform for being an onyx.

Breccia Sarda chiara

 Breccia Sarda is a marble extracted in the Orosei area, typical of tradition. It is a material that can be defined as “classic”, that is, free from fashions and for which there is an established demand on the international market. Light Sardinian breccia is a uniform and compact marble, characterized by a rather homogeneous pattern, with extensive portions with a particularly light colour.
Synonyms: Orosei marble, Perlato Olimpo, Daino, Skorpio

Botticino Classico

Botticino Classico is an Italian marble that is extracted exclusively from the marble basin east of Brescia.
Beige characterized by chromatic veins on the ivory white background,  structurally compact and resistant, suitable for both internal and external use.

Crema valencia

Crema Valencia is a yellow Spanish marble with orange and ocher veins and streaks ranging from light beige to pink.

Emperador light

Marron Emperador Light  is a light brown Spanish marble with white veins and hazelnut reflections.

Azul cielo

Blue sky marble

Verde Guatemala

Verde Guatemala is a marble from India, with an intense green color and tone-on-tone veins.

Grigio Carnico

The Grigio Carnico is a marble of Italian origin with a crystalline dark gray background with ivory shades and abundantly patterned with white veins.


Brecciato marble with a white color and fine grain, immersed in a gray matrix. In the larger clasts there are brown veins with the appearance of sutured stylolithic joints. The material is compact and free from surface porosity.

Calacatta cremo

Homogeneous marble with rare superficial porosities, with an overall light beige color tending towards ivory, characterized by the occasional presence of bands and rare brown veins aligned according to schistosity. The material is characterized by a fine grain, locally passing aphaneritic inside centimeter-sized nodules.

Bianco Car. Venatino Gioia

Medium-fine grain white marble with more or less dark gray veins, sub-millimeter thick and with an uneven pattern, and with centimeter gray veins associated with opaques. The material is compact and free from surface porosity. Small pyrite crystals may appear.

Giallo Atlantide / Cleopatra

Yellow Atlantis is an Egyptian marble with a uniform yellow background and light hazelnut veins. Thanks to its compactness it is suitable for both internal and external works. The process that best enhances the beauty of the stone is brushing.
Synonym: Giallo Cleopatra

Perlato Sicilia

The Perlato di Sicilia is a marble extracted in the Custonaci area, in western Sicily. Composed of fossiliferous limestone, it has a light ivory/brown color with more or less dark shades and with the characteristic patches of pure calcite that recall the mother-of-pearl inside of shells. The brownish-yellow veins are the effect of the concentration of clayey minerals and iron oxides, while the brown specks are due to the presence of microfossils which, trapped in the marble, make it incredibly elegant and precious.

Rosa del Garda

The Pink Marble of Garda

Crema marfil classico

Crema Marfil is a Spanish marble, of an elegant, sober and uniform beige.

Travertino Rosso Soraya

The Red Persian Travertine has technical characteristics that are very similar to the Classic Roman Travertine, but has its own lively, particular and unique tonality which can vary from a light red to a more intense red.
Synonyms : Red Persian Travertine, Red Soraya.

Breccia Oniciata

Breccia Oniciata is an Italian marble with a pinkish color with light intrusions of beige and white.

Grigio Fossena / Oriente

Grigio Fossena / Grigio Oriente is a gray marble which, in addition to the characteristic dark spots, can also have red and some saline hues.

Bardiglio Imperiale

Compact marble with a dark gray overall colour, characterized by very thin parallel veining, dark grey, light gray and, alternatively, whitish.

Emperador Dark

The Spanish marble Emperador Dark has an intense chocolate color, crossed by veins of cream-colored calcite and hazelnut and golden reflections.
Synonyms: marron emperador, dark emperador, Ramona Brown , Ramora Brown

Statuario Venato

Medium-fine grain white marble with more or less dark gray veins, sub-millimetre thick and with an uneven pattern, and with centimeter gray veins associated with opaques, even millimetres. The material is compact and free from surface porosity. Small pyrite crystals may appear.

Bianco Volakas

Volakas is a Greek marble quarried in Macedonia. With an intense white background, it bears fine to marked gray veins; sometimes these can tend to brown or purple.

Cremo Delicato

This is a very rare family. Cremo Delicato is a variety characterized by a white-beige ground mass with thin yellowish-grey veins. It is extracted in the Carrara, Torano and Miseglia basins.

Perlato Royal

The  Perlato Royal is extracted in the southern region of the Lazio Apennines, on the Aurunci mountains. Limestone originating from a sea bed whose accumulation of remains of marine flora and fauna has produced a beige color full of white clouds with variegated designs extremely rich in streaks and shells.
The marble deposit is composed according to the orographic layers in the following varieties of PERLATO ROYAL:
mezza perla, nocciolato, perlatino bianco, arabesque tyrrhenian, arabesque mediterranean.

Travertino Navona

Travertino Navona is an Italian travertine with a very light beige color with the characteristic light veins and a small and fairly closed hole.

Trani serpeggiante

The Trani Serpeggiante is a variety of Trani that stands out for its long, vertical veins. The color of the material remains beige, with a slightly darker shade. Like Trani, it is advisable to be careful in the case of environments with a harsh climate.

Jura grigio

Gray Jura marble

Giallo Provenza

Giallo Provenza is a Moroccan marble, with a fairly uniform colour; outdoor use is recommended only in mild climates.
Synonyms: Giallo California, Jaune Boujaad

Travertino noce

 Noce Travertine is brown Travertine, with a uniform and intense colour; it is a resistant material suitable for indoor and outdoor settings.

Terre Toscane

Terre Toscane is an Italian marble quarried on the island of Cerboli; with a light gray color, it is rich in tone-on-tone shades.

Rosso levanto classico

Rosso Levanto marble is a variety of dark red/purple marble with prominent white veins. It is extracted in the municipality of Levanto from which it takes its name, and in the neighboring municipalities of the La Spezia Riviera.

Bianco Carrara “C”

Fine-grained marble with an overall pearly white color tending towards light gray with slender gray veins that characterize the entire surface. The material is compact.

Bianco Sivec

Bianco Sivec is the commercial name for the white marble extracted from the neighboring quarries in Prilep, Macedonia

Bianco Perlino

Bianco Perlino marble is also called Biancone or Bianco Asiago, it is a versatile marble generally sawn on the reverse, it has some thinness which are the main characteristic of this sedimentary stone and which make it very suitable for workings with an “antique effect”.

Papiro / Galala

The Galala / Papyrus is an Egyptian marble, with a delicately floral cream/beige color and light hazelnut intrusions.

Lessinia rosa lucida

The Pink Stone of Lessinia, also known as “ Pink Prun Stone“, is a sedimentary rock
whose area of origin is in the Lessini, on the border with Trentino. The pink stone of Lessinia is characterized by the presence of small fossils.

Goldem Cream

The Goldem Cream is an Egyptian marble with a uniform golden cream color. It lends itself very well to brushing, ideal for giving the room an antique look.

Nembro Rosato

Rosé Nembro is a marble of Italian origin that has a pinkish color, with numerous spots of lighter and darker color.

Breccia Sarda venata

Breccia Sarda is a marble extracted in the Orosei area, typical of tradition. It is a material that can be defined as “classic”, that is, free from fashions and for which there is an established demand on the international market. Breccia sarda venata is a uniform and compact marble, characterized by a rather “rough” design in which both the dark veins and the background mass are variegated.
Synonyms: Orosei marble, Perlato Olimpo, Daino, Skorpio.

Bianco Carrara “CD”

Fine-grained marble, with an overall white color tending towards gray with veins and even millimeter-sized patches, both of a dark gray colour. The grain is fine. The material is compact.

Bardiglio Nuvolato

Bardiglio Nuvolato is a compact marble from the Apuan Alps with a grey-blue overall colour, characterized by irregular gray veins and whitish shades.

Nero Marquina

A fascinating black marble with marked white veins

Bianco Ajax

Ajax is a light gray to white Greek marble, with light brown to beige shades and veins.


arabesque is a variety of very fine white marble with dark gray veins, called “arabeschi”.
It is quarried in the Apuan Alps of Versilia, in the province of Lucca. It is widely used in the creation of interior flooring and coverings.


Lymbra is a Turkish limestone appreciated for the monochromatic tones of beige/butter white. The compact grain has neutral tone-on-tone colours.
Synonym: Crema Oriente, New Marfil


The Palissandro marble is a high quality Italian marble of Dolomite origin which, in the world stone market, has its definite place among the exclusive marbles. Its color is heterogeneous and has multiple varieties of colors and veins.

Rosa Perlino

Rosa Perlino is a pink marble of a uniform color, generally sawn on the reverse, it has some roughness which are the main characteristic of this sedimentary stone and which make it very suitable for working with an “antique effect” ”.

Botticino Semiclassico

Botticino Semiclassico is an Italian marble of a uniform beige color with light clouds and rarely light veins. Semiclassic Botticino is a material widely used for internal and external flooring, for cladding, stairs and window sills.

Giallo d'Istria

Giallo d’Istria marble is a material coming precisely from the Istrian peninsula, speckled yellow, compact and very resistant even at low temperatures because it is not very porous.

Rosso Asiago / Verona

Rosso Verona / Asiago is a marble of Italian origin that shows a dark and lively red, with numerous spots of lighter and darker color.

Breccia Brown Paradiso

Breccia Brown Paradiso is a limestone quarried in Italy, ranging from beige-brown to bright brown, with white “cobweb” veins.
Synonyms: Brown Paradiso, Paradiso Brown, Oniciato Tirreno.

Pietra Serena

pietra serena is a sandstone typical of Tuscan architecture, of a uniform gray colour.
Pietra serena has a variable granulometry, which depending on the quarries varies from medium-fine to coarse. The texture of the stone is pleasantly homogeneous, with shiny dots due to the presence of mica flakes.

Verde alpi

Verde Alpi is an Italian marble of variable shades that alternates dark, almost black areas with bright green and lighter ocher and white areas. Also suitable for areas with harsh climates.