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For Riva Marmi, the relationship with the designers is essential. Because the project is essential to arrive at an impeccable realization

We create tailor-made projects.

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The project involves the building renovation and conversion to residential use of a low-rise building in Turin.
The courtyard becomes the heart of the project: an “open-air room” onto which all the rooms of the house overlook. The windows, in the winter months, guarantee the supply of natural light; in summer, completely open, they expand the space, ensuring a total relationship of continuity between inside and outside. The courtyard is densely planted and covered entirely in Belgian Blue stone.
The flat roofs, also in Belgian Blue stone, have been transformed into a hanging garden and terrace to enhance all the available outdoor space.

Project: Studioata
Photos: Beppe Giardino



The house is a large loft, minimal, furnished with care. A clear, but warm and relaxing environment.

The “Terre Toscane” material (exclusive to Riva Marmi) is the protagonist, which, combined with the wooden walls, gives the environment a soft and velvety character.


Photographs: Antón Goiri

USED MARBLES: Terre Toscane


A collection of projects in which Terre Toscane is the protagonist, a Spanish marble of which Riva Marmi has the exclusive, with a light gray color and rich in nuances.

It can be seen here used both floor and as a covering, or in the bathroom for showers and to define the masonry bathtub.

Combined with wood but also with exposed reinforced concrete, it demonstrates all its versatility and unmistakable character.


USED MARBLE: Terre Toscane


This project uses Bianco Thasos Greek marble, with an extremely fine grain and almost no veins.

Perfect for the minimal and extremely clean character of the project which combines it with light wood and glass to define a modern and elegant concept of home.

USED MARBLES: Bianco Thassos

I negozi di Selfridge

A timeless icon of shopping across the Channel, the Selfridges luxury department stores have always been a point of reference, ever since H. Gordon Selfridge opened the first in 1909 monumental shop in London, on Oxford Street.

The Selfridge shops are known for their architectural quality. The London store was designed by Daniel Burnham, and built in phases, and was immediately very successful due to the way customers were welcomed and the products could be freely examined.

In the bags department you can admire the cabinets in Carrara Extra marble with a thickness of one centimeter. A nice way for Rivamarmi to be present across the Channel

USED MARBLES: Bianco Carrara “C”

Nave passeggeri Riva-Aries

This 164-passenger vessel is characterized by the most advanced design.

For the exclusive refreshment areas, Riva Marmi supplied floors in Cremo Delicato and in Port Laurent in the 50x50x1 cm format and elegantly worked on suitable for furnishing the bar/buffet area


USED MARBLES: Port Laurent – Cremo Delicato

Riva Marmi and the designers


Studioata was founded in 2000 and since the beginning the studio has been active in participating in design competitions obtaining prizes and mentions. The professional activity is accompanied by cultural initiatives such as setting up exhibitions, making videos and conferences, participating in competitions and conferences. For studioata, working is professionalism, curiosity, passion and fun. Studioata has recently been reported by various critical sources as one of the most promising studios in the panorama of young Italian professionals.


Architect and PhD in Architecture and Building Design with a thesis on the role of shadow in architectural composition, he is one of the founders of studioata. Adjunct professor of Architectural Composition, he has carried out research at the Polytechnic of Turin on the industrial transformations of large abandoned areas. He continues to carry out teaching activities as an assistant in various courses of Architectural Design.


After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture of the Turin Polytechnic with a thesis on the recovery of abandoned industrial areas and a period of study at the ETSAV University of Barcelona, he attended the post-graduate master’s degree “The design of public space ” at the Celsius institute in Lucca. You mainly deal with the design and management of the construction processes of public works.


The Dolle + Gross architecture studio is active throughout Germany and is known for its collaboration with renowned builders of high-rise urban buildings and for its Interior Design activity.
Among the The firm’s expertise includes, among others, the areas of retail, airport and residential construction.