Marbles Perlato Sicilia: zpracování mramorových desek a podlah

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Perlato Sicilia

Perlato Sicilia is a marble extracted in the area of Custonaci, in western Sicily. Composed of fossiliferous limestone, shows a light ivory / brown tone,  more or less dark and with some patches of pure calcite that recall the interior pearly shells. The veins are brownish-yellow effect of the concentration of clay minerals and iron oxides, while the brown spots are due to the presence of microfossils that, imprisoned in the marble, makes it incredibly elegant and valuable.


MatitaZonaEstrazione ITALY
PesoPerUnitaDiVolume 2670 2685 kg/m3
1985 1995 kg/cm2
ResistenzaAFlessione - kg/cm2
0,53 0,57 mm
0,70 0,90 %
- mm/m °c


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