Marbles Calacatta: zpracování mramorových desek a podlah

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This variety that is typical of Carrara (the Pescina-Boccanaglia and Torano basins), but is also found in other Apuan sites, has a white-ivory white saccharoid groundmass with soft, shaded grey, light green to light yellow veins. These veins form sometimes undulating bands that are more or less regular. Calacatta is considered a highly precious marble.
Traditionally blocks of Calacatta are cut against the grain (the hard way).


MatitaZonaEstrazione ITALY
PesoPerUnitaDiVolume 2705 2725 kg/m3
1370 1420 kg/cm2
ResistenzaAFlessione 115 155 kg/cm2
0,42 mm
0,22 0,28 %
0,0053 mm/m °c


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