Marbles Bianco Carrara “CD”: zpracování mramorových desek a podlah

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Bianco Carrara “CD”

Among the white varieties, Bianco Carrara is the marble per excellence. It has a homogeneous groundmass that ranges from white to a grayish color with shaded grey veins in an irregular pattern that is often scarce. The three main varieties of Bianco Carrara are classed according to the color of the groundmass and are known as c, c/d and d. The c variety has a very light groundmass with an even vein pattern that is not very marked. C/d varieties have a regular groundmass but not as white as the c variety whereas the d variety also has a regular pattern but a darker, white-grayish groundmass.
Traditionally Bianco Carrara marble is cut against the grain (the hard way) or less frequently to the grain (the easy way).
Bianco Carrara  is quarried in all the Carrara basins except Pescina-Boccanaglia.
In the other Apuan quarry sites, white marble with similar characteristics to Bianco Carrara  tends to be called after the place where it is quarried.


MatitaZonaEstrazione ITALY
PesoPerUnitaDiVolume 2725 2750 kg/m3
1310 1340 kg/cm2
ResistenzaAFlessione 210 222 kg/cm2
0,80 mm
0,12 0,14 %
0,0075 mm/m °c


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